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Antique Pocket Watch Parts, Repairs, Dials, Cases, Movements and Crystals

An antique pocket watch is a unique accessory in that it represents the personality and hobbies of the individual, which is why so many people enjoy the timeless elegance of vintage watches. With the great deal of care that vintage watches require, it’s important to have a trusted source for purchasing antique pocket watch parts. Here at, we offer a large selection of antique, collectible and vintage watch parts, as well as antique watch repairs. Our services ensure that any vintage watches in need of restoration will be put back into working order using the same craftsmanship as years ago.

Vintage watches are pieces that were made before the 1970s, prior to the quartz revolution. These collectible accessories are far and few between, which is why it is important to keep them in excellent condition. Some people are lucky enough to have the watches passed down to them from a parent or grandparent, while others invest in these pieces because of their unique manifestation that brings back a feeling of nostalgia. In addition, these timepieces have intricate mechanical workings that control the pocket watch dials, cases, movements and crystals – as well as other features such as moon phases, tidal data or calendars. Whether you choose to wear your antique watch or simply keep it in working order, antique pocket watch repairs will be necessary over time.

For people who own an antique watch or are interested in purchasing one, questions about antique pocket watch parts and antique pocket watch repairs arise. With the intricate parts and detailed craftsmanship that lie within these pocket watch dials, collectors and owners are often skeptical about restoring their collectibles.

With the experts that work for however, you can feel confident that your antique watch will be repaired by a professional, combining the quality work of years past and the modern equipment of today. To make every job possible, we keep a large inventory of parts and have access to a variety of watch materials, including antique watch cases and pocket watch crystals.

Besides offering antique watch repairs and antique watch parts, we also have a diverse selection of vintage watches that have been fully serviced to meet the standards of authentic timepieces. Each one is in working order and captures the timeless appeal of an era long gone. Even some of the most damaged, scratched, stained or discolored watches have been repaired with today’s technology. If any of the antique pocket watch parts are not available through inventory, they can be custom made instead.